Vitamin D3&K2 and Mental Health

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The role that calcium plays in the human body makes it a vital element for both adults and children. However, other components should not be ignored as they help in faster and proper absorption of calcium.

These include vitamin D3 & K2 that help with the absorption of calcium to ensure it gets into the bone masses while ensuring that vital organs like the heart are protected. The individual functions of these elements increase their performance when they are used together.

While vitamin k2 is known to help with blood clotting, vitamin d3 is known for muscle function improvement and better immune system. Together they ensure that you experience a lot of benefits which include:

Calcium balance

Vitamin d3 is responsible for the absorption of calcium into the bloodstream, and vitamin k3 ensures that the calcium is integrated into the bones. This shows that both elements are crucial in making sure calcium does its job more effectively. Additionally, they prevent the negative effects of excess calcium on vital organs like the heart by preventing arterial calcification. With this, there will be enhanced arterial flow and more flexible functionality of the heart.


Improved bone health

Calcium is mandatory for the proper growth of bones. Calcium isn't just necessary for skeleton growth but also for brain muscles. These vitamins ensure that calcium is absorbed through the intestines and that reabsorption also occurs in the kidneys. Other than this, the vitamins also ensure that the bone-building cells are at their optimal functional ability. This includes carboxylation of the bone-building cells, which are known as osteoblasts. Carboxylation is essential because it ensures that bones don't become porous. If carboxylation doesn't occur, the calcium will not be deposited into the bones, which also means that it will be deposited in the heart. Arteries that have high levels of calcium will then cause high risks of coronary heart diseases. This shows that vitamin d3 and vitamin k2 are essential in preventing porosity of bones and reducing the chances of heart diseases that can result from excess arterial calcium.


Depression and anxiety reduction

Recent studies have also come out to support the connection between vitamin d3 and mental health. It has been discovered that these vitamins affect how the brain and the nerves function. The usability extends to mod regulation as well.

This shows that taking supplements that contain these vitamins can help reduce stress levels, improve sleep patterns, and general brain functionality and health. The studies have also shown that deficiency of these vitamins, especially vitamin d3, can lead to depression.

For instance, one study done in 2017 and published at found that people who took vitamin supplements had lower chances of suffering from depression. However, further research on the subject has led to controversial results, which led to the need for more studies to distinguish the exact link between the supplements and depression. Even so, taking supplements with these two vitamins will help improve your brain functionality and help you live a less stressful life.


Better glucose metabolism

A different study found that people who took vitamin d3 and vitamin k2 supplements had better insulin metabolism and reduced their chances of having diabetes. This was found to be a result of improved insulin receptor cell regulation, which then helped in regulating the secretion of insulin. During this study, it was discovered that vitamin d3 and vitamin k2 could improve oxidative and endocrine stress markers.

However, it was also found that relying on vitamin k2 and d3 supplements too much can lead to the production of dependent proteins, which will be harder to activate if the supplements are not taken.

This could have long term negative impact by hindering the proper functionality of the cells.



A lot of studies have shown that vitamin d3 and k2 have many benefits, including those between vitamin d3 and mental health. Taking these vitamin supplements can help improve how your body functions and how your body responds to trauma, such as those resulting from a fall.

You will have better resistance to fracture and will have better brain and heart functionality. However, like everything else, the supplements have to be taken in moderation; otherwise, the formation of vitamin dependent cells will make it harder for the body to maintain normal function without the supplements.